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Program Description

Mandeville, LA

 Operation Jumpstart
West School

The purpose of Operation Jumpstart Alternative Program is to create a profound experience that can change a student’s life.

Operation Jumpstart is designed to help students reach their educational goals by increasing academic as well as social skills. Students are assigned by the superintendent of the St. Tammany Parish School Board following expulsion from a regular school campus or through the individual educational plan (IEP).

Operation Jumpstart provides a safe, structured learning environment that focuses on academic improvement and character development. The junior high curriculum mirrors that of the regular campus. The high school offers diploma-bound students the opportunity to earn Carnegie credits toward graduation in the core subject areas: math, English, social studies, and science. Other opportunities for earning high school credits include A 3 Virtual Academy, and Louisiana Virtual School. Students seeking a GED may be eligible to enter the pre-GED program at age 17 or an adult education program at age 18 with parent permission.

Character education, current events, and counseling are mandatory enrichments to the basic curriculum.
Operation Jumpstart’s expectation for students is to achieve the goals of the program through personal growth and development both academically and socially. Excessive staff management of student behavior could delay program completion or require program removal.

means taking responsibility for being fully present.

means taking responsibility for your own actions and responses.

means showing respect by affirming and supporting others.

Goals and Expectations