Mandeville, LA

 Operation Jumpstart
West School

Entry – Students will enter the program as a Level 2

Level 1: Below 80% compliance - Must wear a tie and have a silent lunch in an assigned seat. During weekly activity time, Level 1 students will complete a behavior and academic reflection and set goals for the next week. Three consecutive weeks on Level 1 will result in a FINS referral.
Take responsibility for identifying problems that have caused you problems and develop ways to solve these problems when they arise. Complete all class work and homework. Respond with respect and follow all staff directions when they are first given. Use manners at all times. Develop your personal integrity. Achieve 80% compliance to earn Level 2.

Level 2: 80% to 89.9% compliance – Must wear a tie but free to talk and seat where you’d like at lunch. During weekly activity time, Level 2 students will complete a behavior and academic reflection and set goals for the next week.
 You have taken responsibility for reaching your goals. You do not have to be corrected often. When you are corrected, you respond with respect. Class work and homework are completed without fail. Grades are improving. Dress code is no longer an issue. Your integrity will not allow you to whine or complain or make excuses. You are a problem solver, not a problem creator.

Level 3: 90% or greater compliance – No tie, conversation at lunch; weekly activity time; and automatic entry into “Shooting Star” raffle.
 Reaching Level 3 shows that you have taken responsibility for your actions. Now show respect for your hard work and the privileges of Level 3 by being a self-starter, a leader, an example; by working and playing independently and wearing your uniform correctly. You are proud of your accomplishments, yet never boastful; you have developed integrity and, it is apparent to whomever you encounter.

Positive incentives:

Program completion and return to regular campus

Level Privileges
Phoenix Recognition – Acknowledgments given by any staff member or bus driver in recognition of a student who fulfills the program’s expectations.
Weekly Perfect Attendance Recognition – present all 5 days, 80% or greater compliance, NO class removals
Positive Verbal Recognition