Weekly levels and compliance percentage are reflected on the Progress Report. Points are earned daily in various categories which include Dress Code, Appropriate Language, Following Instructions, Respect to Staff, and Appropriate Peer Interactions. Additional points may be earned for returning the Progress Report signed by parents or guardians and no Major Behavior Incident Reports. Unexcused absences will result in loss of points for the entire day

Students’ levels change weekly (One STAR, Two STARS, Three STARS). Three and Two Star Levels offer privileges and/or incentives.

Three STARS (90% and above)
Lunch in the cafeteria seated with peers
Go outside or to gym after lunch.
Snack on Friday
Level 3 Recognition Bracelet

Two STARS (80% - 89%)
Lunch in the cafeteria in assigned seat (two seats apart)

One STAR (79% and below) Lunch at OJE

 Operation Jumpstart
East School


• Program completion and return to a regular campus.
• Weekly Level Privileges
• Phoenix Rising Rewards are awarded for improved behavior or grades; acts of kindness; positive change in behavior, etc.
• Positive Verbal Recognition
• “Student of the Week” recognition
• Opportunities to participate in various activities during the school year